Looking at life from a different perspective
By Dale Mouscos

Special Quotes


  Below are a few special quotes from my book that I found to be motivational and encouraging and may help you to handle some of those tough situations that life brings to us. 


Each Day that passes, your choices are made,

You create your own destiny, should you be afraid?

 - Challenge Yourself


So I suppose I'm a critic, but one of a kind,

I am simply a critic of my very own mind.

- Challenge Yourself


If you can handle an insult and not let it hurt,

Then if it ever gets worse, you'll at least be alert.

- Hurts So Good


Your character is and will be what you make it,

You can only help yourself and to that you must admit.

- Hurts So Good


Times were good but times are gone,

So have a good life and good luck moving on.

-The End


When things are repeatedly engraved in your head,

It's hard to control how your mind is mislead.

- The Power Of Somebody Else's Mind


And you'll live by the ways of which you were accused,

While your genuine person is somewhat confused.

- The Power Of Somebody Else's Mind


If you are really with me, then you're always on my side,

Even throught the bad stuff, you're with me for the ride.

- Take It Or Leave Me


If my actions don't make sense to you then take a few steps back,

Give me a bit of space, and cut me a bit of slack.

-Take It Or Leave Me


The wrong impression perceived by one,

Will influence other and limit the fun.

With the wrong perception, mistakes can be made,

Then the bond between two will slowly just fade.



A wrongful opinion can lay where it may,

As there is no sense in justifying truth in that way.



A relationship grows from helping eachother,

Not by confidence in destroying one another.

-For What It Is Worth


Justice is served for all that we do,

Cause eventually evidence can prove it all true.

- Spite


If you have a problem, I would rather you say,

By complaining to others you will not get your way.

- High School


A best friend is someone who will always be there,

And a mutual friendship just knows that you care.

- A Friend


I'd give up and let go of all that I've done,

But I've gotten this far and I've already won.

- Influence


So brighten up your smile again and show me that you're strong,

Cause when you're optimistic, your thinking can't go wrong.

- Blake


I have goals and dreams that I try to make come true,

And although you won't admit it, I know that you do too.

- A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes