Looking at life from a different perspective
By Dale Mouscos


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Quotes I just wanted to let you know that I got your book today, it is absolutely amazing! You've done a fantastic job and I'm so proud of you! We'll have to get together soon b/c I need the author to sign it ;-) In the meantime, keep up the fabulous work, you are inspirational!! Quotes
Jennifer Green

Quotes In fact, Dale, your poems are not only beautiful, they are brilliant. Not only are they refreshing and inspiring, but they are also touch the core of what makes us human. They have rhythm and rhyme in sync with the unheard music that plays in your soul but heard in the beat of each line you have written. This beat has released you from the ghosts of your past, washed away the sins of your oppressors and delivered you to realize that indeed, all things are possible to he, who believes. In so doing, you have opened a door for each of us to find our own better way to live, better way to respond, by giving us A Better Point of View. Thank you so much for sharing your private moments - moments, which have enriched my life. Quotes
Clyde Viola - Part 3

Quotes At first glance, your photos reveal the moods and temperament of a very pretty lady - to be quite honest, they are both passionate and seductive. But, if one looks closer, in your eyes one can still see traces of tears from thorns never removed from your heart, along with compassion for the ones who put them there. Then, looking beyond the photos to your poems, you leave no doubt - even a blind man can see that your real beauty shines from within. Each poem exposes your life's gut retching moments - moments that felt you were walking through a mine field, each of which could have destroyed you. But, having chosen to soar high like that eaglet, you have turned the intense passion of your pilgrimage of tears into a miracle - the writing of beautiful poems. Quotes
Clyde Viola - Part 2

Quotes Fearing the unknown, an eaglet shivers as it looks down into the abyss from its crag. But, after many days of being lured by the sun, the winds and the clouds in the boundless horizon, it becomes entranced, and, at that critical moment of its existence, risks everything and with a quantum leap of faith, launches its maiden flight. Likewise, it is also a rare moment when a human being overcomes their fear, shares their sorrow and allows you into the deepest and most sacred sanctuary of their soul. However, by opening a copy of your book, your photos and poems do just that and much more. Quotes
Clyde Viola - Part 1

Quotes "Dale, your book is awesome!! I currently have been going through a tough time and have turned to a few poems in your book. Its helps me realize that everyone has these types of feelings for different occasions! It has helped me look at my situation with a more positive Vibe!! You're also a great friend and really caring person!! Love you!!" Quotes
Karen Frith

Quotes Excellent book, written from the heart and emotionally provoking. I've only just started reading it and am definitely glad I got a copy. Imagery and poetry complement each other well and I'm sure this will become a much loved book on my shelf. Continued success to you Quotes
Christopher, O Driscoll Imaging

Quotes Thanx again Dale, Id love to meet up, your poems are powerful and heartfelt, your modelling is so pro and you are so absolutely beautiful inside and out , my girls are so impressed. Quotes
Nanse Lupton

Quotes I hardly ever go on face book, and decided to the other day and I discover that you have published your book. You go girl!!!!!!!! It has really made me proud. I think that you are going to do really well with it. I would like to order a few copies. Your writing is very inspirational ,any time I show it off, when people read it, it touches the heart Quotes
Paula VanGent
Proud Auntie