Looking at life from a different perspective
By Dale Mouscos



If you enjoy reading rhyming poetry, The Better Point Of View is for You!


The Better Point Of View is filled with humor, anger, aggression, excitement, fulfillment and so much more!  The beauty of it all is that is comes about from real life experiences.  What can be more real than that?  You see... everybody lives different lives, and it is just that which determines who we become.  Through extensive experience in situations that many will never know about, I have been given the opportunity to understand the effects that personal perspectives have on your own life and how you can use that to change your life to benefit you.  The Better Point Of View is filled with poetry for every different type of situation.  Find what you are looking for in the table of contents, and enjoy a good read!


Otherwise, it can be a support mechanism for personal issues.


Do you have trouble communicating with others?


Do you find it difficult to express your emotions?


Do you find that no matter what you say, no one will ever understand?


Then the Better Point of View can help you!


The Better Point Of View focuses on taking a different approach to dealing with life’s obstacles.  By stepping back and looking at the entire situation in a different light, you will actually start to see things that would never have existed to you before.  This concept can pull you through the hardest times of your life and make for a happier and more fulfilling life for yourself and those who surround you.


But wait… it gets even better!


The Better Point Of View is not a novel!  It does not take days, weeks or even months to get through.   It is a series of short stories, converted into rhyming poetry ensuring an enjoyable experience every time.  You can read them one at a time or all at once and still get the full satisfying experience.  They are all individual poems providing an outlook for very unique situations.  You will laugh, you will cry, but you will come out ahead.   Through the table of contents, you can easily identify a title that suits your situation and will provide you with the inner strength and another perspective to handling your situation better than you would have before. 


The Better Point Of View is conveniently equipped with a built-in bookmark so that you can easily refer to the same poem as often as you like.


But who buys poetry books these days?  Poetry can be found online.  You would think that only those who enjoy reading poetry would be buying a book about it.  But this is not your ordinary book of poetry!  Actually there is nothing else like it out there in the market!  Not only does The Better Point Of View feature situation specific viewpoints that are fun to read because they rhyme, but it also contains real images of the author portraying a particular emotion giving validity to the words that are spoken.   You may or may not fully understand these poems to the full extent that the author intended, but it will make a difference in your life if you let it speak to you.


If you know someone who could use a friend but doesn’t want to talk about anything to anyone, The Better Point Of View could help to pull them through! 


If your teenage daughter just got her heart broken, The Better Point Of View will keep her strong enough to move on without regret. 


If you a middle aged man going through what you think might be a mid-life crisis, The Better Point Of View can address your situation as well.


The author has applied her extensive real life experiences to her poetry ensuring that they provide the reader with the ability to relate, and is therefore an inexpensive alternative to therapy.


Male or Female, Young or Old, The Better Point Of View has something for everyone!  Order your copy today!



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