Looking at life from a different perspective
By Dale Mouscos


"So I suppose I'm a critic but one of a kind. 

    I am simply a critic of my very own mind."

Dale Mouscos was born in beautiful British Columbia and relocated to Ontario at the age of ten.  She graduated from Sheridan College in 2002 with a diploma in Business Marketing. Dale has been writing poetry since age six and has since developed into an author of short stories in a rhyming poetic format.  Dale's literature is unique as she has utilized real life experiences to inspire her work and she has incorporated plenty of images to help portray the emotion that was intended. 

Dale has been nominated for several poetry specific awards and issued the Editors Choice Award on numerous occasions.  Her works are published in several anthologies throughout the world and continue to inspire many readers. The Better Point Of View  - Looking at life from a different perspective is a collection of poetry inspired and written from the experiences of real life, and will unmask personal confidence to help reveal ones consciousness to reality.

My Inspiration

I have been writing since Dr. Seuss inspired me to write in the form of rhyming poetry. I have only ever written genuine responses to people who I have had trouble communicating with because of a situation that had occurred. I prefer to refer to these poems as short stories because they all have behind them, and only through a complete understanding will you be able to see what that is or could be.

The stories in "The Better Point Of View" have meaning and can be related to by most individuals regardless of age or status.  After many years of releasing my feeling onto paper, I gathered quite a collection and realized that they did not appear to be specific to any particular person or situation and were instead generic enough for others to relate their own personal lives to. 

I decided that perhaps I could share my perspectives with the rest of the world as I know many are or have experienced a similar situation for which my poetry might help them to gain courage, confidence, and understanding about the way people act and why.

I enjoyed having pictures taken as well and considered it a hobby for a while.  I gathered a series of images that spoke to others as being filled with emotion.  Based on that feedback, I have collaborated my poetry with the perfect image to give you the full effect of what each poem intends.  Now, even for those who do not enjoy reading poetry, there is something for everyone!

Many special people have come into my life and supported my initiatives regardless of what they were at the time.  These people encouraged me when the going got tough, picked me up when my spirits were down, and acted as a support mechanism for everything else that took place in my life.  These people have inspired me to strive toward fulfilling my goals, and for that I am truly thankful!