Looking at life from a different perspective
By Dale Mouscos

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Sample Poetry

The Power of Somebody Else's Mind!

It's mind over matter I think we all know,
But who is to say how far that will go.
When things are repeatedly engraved in your head,
It's hard to control how your mind is mislead.
Over and over you hear it again,
Until it sinks in and you feel the pain.
Then slowly but surely you start to believe,
What you have been fed and forced to receive.
Before it'd demeaning but now it makes sense,
That's when your being starts to feel tense.
Slowly you'll change from all that you were,
To become this person wo you're not for sure.
And you'll live by the ways of which you were accused,
While your genuine person is somewhat confused.
Your mind is inferior if you let others in,
And it hurts that much more when you know you can't win.
Maybe it's hard to give up on me fast,
But your throwing away all the gems from the past.
Now everything worked for and all the time spent,
Will be frozen forever, that shows what you meant.

Dale Mouscos

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  • "Excellent book, written from the heart and emotionally provoking. I've only just started reading it and am definitely glad I got a copy. Imagery and poetry complement each other..."
    Christopher, O Driscoll Imaging
  • "I hardly ever go on face book, and decided to the other day and I discover that you have published your book. You go girl!!!!!!!! It has really made me proud. I think that you..."
    Paula VanGent
    Proud Auntie
  • "Fearing the unknown, an eaglet shivers as it looks down into the abyss from its crag. But, after many days of being lured by the sun, the winds and the clouds in the boundless h..."
    Clyde Viola - Part 1

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