Looking at life from a different perspective
By Dale Mouscos


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Do you have questions about the book?  Are you not quite sure that this book is right for you?  

The Better Point Of View is a book of rhyming poetry for situations that actually occurred.  They are from the view point of the authors perspective.  This book is intended to provide you with another view and/or perspective about your own situations and how to handle them in the best possible way.  If you are still not understanding how this is possible, the author would be happy to show you how.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the book, the website, or the author, please feel free to ask or comment.

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  • "In fact, Dale, your poems are not only beautiful, they are brilliant. Not only are they refreshing and inspiring, but they are also touch the core of what makes us human. They h..."
    Clyde Viola - Part 3
  • ""Dale, your book is awesome!! I currently have been going through a tough time and have turned to a few poems in your book. Its helps me realize that everyone has these types of..."
    Karen Frith
  • "Excellent book, written from the heart and emotionally provoking. I've only just started reading it and am definitely glad I got a copy. Imagery and poetry complement each other..."
    Christopher, O Driscoll Imaging

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